A Little Pot Limit Casino Game

I was in a little pot limit game the other night. Single blind, 25 cents, no cap on the number of raises. When this hand happened I think we were playing 11 handed. The UTG player limped, I was next with JJ and made it $1, 5 more players called (it was a loose game), the UTG player made it $8, I made it $28, the 5 callers all folded, UTG player raised $50 more (almost putting himself all in) and turned over his hand AA. I folded. (This came shortly after I’d won a very large pot by spiking 2-pair on the river with a 52.) Someone did some rabbit hunting and showed the flop that would have come — 345. Someone said, “What did you have?” I said, “A 67. I was going to call until he turned his hand over”. Everyone congratulated the player with the AA for pulling off a play that saved him from getting drawn out on. Comments?

Answer 1:

You call and you’re playing your JJ in a 7-way pot (assuming the AA wasn’t out there, which you didn’t know at the time), against the usual A-rag and K-rag hands. Is that what you wanted? I think you have to make a big raise when you did to either win the pot there or play against 1 or 2 opponents. If not, unless you flop a jack or no over cards, where do you go with the hand?

Answer 2:

Then you should read your book more carefully. Yet another case of result orientation. Could you have folded without the revealed AA? Should you (depends on who raised the 50)? Could he have gone “near all-in” without a hand that beat JJ? Did the odds compensate for you going for a n-outer? Etc. Will you fold JJ to a re-raise when you play Daniel?

Answer 3:

That’s what I was thinking when I made the re-raise. But, I think the limp-re-raise by the UTG player should have been a big warning flag for me. I did have a reason to suspect AA but I just didn’t process that information correctly is what I’m thinking. I’d played with some of these players before — but not that player. And, hadn’t played pot limit with any of them before. Before that hand I had the UTG player pegged as one of the better players at the table. His turning up his AA because he didn’t want me to call changed that assessment, but at the time he made the limp-re-raise I think I should have given more weight to the chance he had AA.