All Blackjack Online Casino player accounts are in U.S. Dollars. If the deposit you make with Blackjack Online Casino is made in another currency, it will be converted at the current bank exchange rate. All “cash outs” are made in U.S. currency.

Deposit Option

Credit Card:

The fastest and simplest way to deposit money into your account is to pay by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). Approved transactions will, through DCTI, immediately be credited to your casino account. For more information click here.

It is important to remember that all credits are purchased in US funds (1 credit = $1.00 US). Payments made will appear on your credit card statement as ICF/Luckys. ICF/Luckys is an authorized DCTI Merchant.

Please note that if you request a withdrawal, and are paying by credit card, you will receive credit for the amount of your original charge.

Depending on the amount you are withdrawing, the remainder of your winnings will be sent to you by courier, wire transfer, or western union.

When depositing funds through your credit card, please ensure:

1. Your credit card is either a Visa or MasterCard.
2. Your credit card number and expiration date is filled out correctly.
3. Your billing address on your credit card is the same as your home address on our file. It is essential that the address the credit card company has on record is the exact address you provide when making a deposit.

We recommend that you consult your credit card company regarding any additional fees associated with your purchase of cash for the Internet. Should you keep getting denied authorization, you may wish to ask them if your credit card may be used for gaming sites.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at We will respond as soon as possible.

Wire Transfer

You can deposit money into your account by wiring money straight into our account at Pacific Industrial Bank.

  • The International Bank of Miami 2121 SW third ave.Miami-Florida ABA 067001699.
  • For credit to Pacific Industrial Bank account # 990000137
  • For futhercredit Soc.Teamm de C.R. account # 6-14308

Western Union

  • Simply visit your local Western Union office and make your deposit to locate the nearest W.U. office call 1-800-325-6000 or visit the Western Union Web site.
  • Senda Western Union money transfer to Sociedad Teamm de C.R. Oficentro La Sabana, San Jose – Costa Rica/ Phone 506-296-5472
  • Once the Western Union payment has been made, you must immediately call our toll free number 888-228-2221 or the international 506-296-5472 and let us know your name.
  • The dollar amount of Western Union money transfer date sent customer ID# and money transfer control number.

Withdrawal Options:

It is important to note that it takes approximately 48 hours for the management to process your withdrawal request.

Credit Card:

  • There is no minimum amount and no charge on a credit card.
  • The amount you request is credited directly back to your credit card account. You can only request your initial deposit, the rest of your winnings will be sent by check.

Express checks:

The minimum amount is $35. We don’t process cashier’s checks in amounts under $35, due to the expense of bank processing and overnight fees. The first Express of the month is free, any additional are charged at $35. After processing your withdrawal, it will take from one to three days to receive your check at the address on file. Please note we may, for security reasons request that you fax us a copy of your photo identification and credit card.

Western Union:

  • There is no minimum, however there is a small percentage fee.
  • It normally takes from 24 to 72 hours.
  • The first withdrawal of the month is free.

Wire transfer:

There is a minimum amount of $1,000. It takes approximately 2 days. There is no charge.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at