Books Relating Poker And Casino Games

I am looking to get into poker and am wondering if anyone has some used books do not want or use anymore. I would be happy to buy them. I am particularly interested in David Slansky (Theory of Gambling), Mike Caro Book of Tells), Doyle Brunson ( Super System). I am also interested in a book called “A year in the life of a professional Poker Player” I don’t know who wrote it. Or any place to buy them cheap would be useful.

Answer 1:

You’re going to get people to dump those, easy. I think the last one is Tony Holden’s Big Deal

Answer 2:

I’ve been able to find quite a few poker books on eBay. I recently bought Anthony Holden’s “Big Deal”, as well as Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players by Sklansky, Malmuth, and Zee. I believe there is currently an auction going on right now for Sklansky’s “The Theory of Poker”, although it might be over
now. Anyway, I would check eBay on a weekly basis, as there are always more auctions being added. Actually, I just found the auction for Caro’s “Book of Tells”.

Answer 3:

Why should, you need this? Do you think it’s possible to study poker through reading? You can only study poker through playing it.