How Many Games Can A Good Dealer

I have a question about Omaha. How many games can a good dealer get in per hr vrs holdem?

Answer 1:
I’d say about 45 hands of holdem in an hour and about 30 in omaha.

Answer 2:
typically in a live game 36-40 per hr for holdem and 20-24 for omaha in the games around Seattle curiously it’s not the dealer(although a BAD dealer hurts) that matters so
much as the players in making the game move along!!

Answer 3:
Depends on how the rake is taken for one thing, but I figure I deal 80% or so more Holdem hands an hour than Omaha. In a tournament situation I would expect 60 Holdem ands an hour (at the TOC, with it’s big digital countdown clock going, the hands took almost exactly sixty seconds), and 32 or so in Omaha.