How To Play Omaha Casino With Half Kill

Playing $3-$6 Omaha/8 with a half-kill to $5-$10 yesterday. A player scoops a huge pot (must be $40 and one winner to initiate the half-kill). The dealer forgets to place the 1/2 kill button in front of the player and nobody says anything.

The dealer gives everyone four cards for the next hand and the scooper (under the gun – first to act) folds his cards gently (cards were clearly discernible) in front of him at almost exactly the same time an opponent says, “Hey, he can’t fold, he owes $5 — that pot was way over $40.” The dealer pushes the four cards back to the scooper and says, “That’s right, it was over $100.” The scooper says, “But, now everyone knows I can’t hold a good hand.” The floor man is called.

He rules the player must fold and the house will place his $5 in the pot. The dealer takes the $5 from the tray and everyone is happy. Err, almost everyone. R. J. says, “Wait, he has to post $5 next hand, then … he shouldn’t benefit by avoiding the $5 post.” What should the floor man have ruled?

Answer 1:

With some chagrin, I’ll speak up and say, “I was that dealer”. It occurs to me now that rather than the house putting up the kill money, it would have been better to have the player post a kill on a future hand (but not one of the next two hands which would be his blind hands).

Answer 2:

Although then he would be posting it on his button and have the benefit of position. Maybe he could post it 10 hands later when under the gun again but I wouldn’t count on the dealer to remember it. Why kills are so popular in O-8 anyway, do they really add anything to the game? Dennis (I’d rather play Omaha than deal it) Cartwright.

Answer 3:

With two different color drawing tickets, names being called during hands, the typical commotion of Omaha/8, and food being served, several dealers failed to give a scooper the 1/2 kill button yesterday. The difference was in every other instance the players at the table caught the omission prior to the next hand. My question goes past the first ruling.

After the floor made the ruling that the $5 would come from the tray (Dennis’ after the fact ruling is better in my opinion — although the player would gain from position behind the button instead of under the gun) what should he have ruled on whether the player “skates” on making up the $5 post? I’ll tell RGP what Pete ruled after we get some thoughts on what the correct ruling should have been. By the way, Dennis deals at Texas Station. RGP fields a lot of questions on the best places to play low limit in Vegas.

I have played at T. S. the last two weekends and the Omaha/8 game is player friendly ($23.47 per hour/15 hours … and I write much better than I play). Yesterday, they spread stud, Omaha/8, HE, and draw high. Comp food (fruit, salad, and a main dish or two) is brought in at lunch and again at about 5:45 p.m. Yesterday we had Salisbury steak and barbecue beef for lunch and hot dogs and chicken wings for dinner. Not 5* cuisine, but aside from a five minute rush when the food arrives, it keeps the game together.

Texas won “Best Poker Room” in the Las Vegas Review Journal poll and Robert Latch (new mgr.) is doing everything he can to make sure T. S. stays #1.