Play Linmit Holdem Casino And Pot Limit Holdem

What are the crucial differences in how you should play limit hold’em and pot limit hold’em? Is there a general rule of thumb to remember or are the differences too numerous and too subtle?

Answer 1:

The differences are in how to think about the game. In pot limit, concepts related to implied odds, position, and pot-size manipulation are more important than in limit.

Answer 2:

You got to be tighter in Pot than limit. In cash pot limit you catch the wrong part of the flop you can be taken to the cleaners if you don’t release it.

Answer 3:

I don’t really agree with that, but it’s just my opinion, certainly not gospel. In pot limit, you want to play hands that will either lose a little or win a lot. I play PL with some very tight players, and they don’t win much.

I know I see more flops in PL than limit. When the situation is right, and you can limp in with a big drawing hand, or the pot odds and implied odds from a couple of players calling a pre-flop raise justify it, you want to play hands that can flop big. If you play JT, and the flop comes Jxx, you’re in jeopardy and have to play it very carefully, even though you might have the best hand at that moment. I’d much prefer a flop like A98 rainbow.

I have a big draw and the possibility of at least one ace out there to pay me off if I hit. So, maybe not as tight pre-flop, but tighter on the flop if you get a piece of it with a vulnerable hand.