Potential Positives Of Online Poker

One of the potential positives of online poker is that you can sit down and take notes with pen and pad during each hand and nobody will look at you like you’re crazy. So… if you were bored enough to do such a thing… what would YOU write down that would help you make the best decisions in some later hand. Simply Name -Tight or loose? Bluffer? Passive? Rock? Fish? etc. And what is the most profitable info you can learn about someone in the online game. Would this practice help or hurt your casino game?

Answer 1:
What I’ve been doing is keeping a spreadsheet with the following information: Name, # of preflop raises, what they raised preflop with, # of check raises, what they check raised with, what they called multiple bets with, and whether they are tight, loose, aggressive, strong player, weak player, etc. By keeping the spreadsheet up while I play, I’m able to update it on the fly, and it also forces me to focus on the game instead of the tv, or any other distractions available. It does become a bit tedious at times, but I feel it will be worth it in the long run.

Answer 2:
Any body know-how/thought-about eavesdropping on the signal off of the wire before it gets to the client software, so that you could have all your bookkeeping done automatically? I haven’t played any online poker yet, but was thinking about it. It would really be cool if all your hands could be cataloged, sorted, and analyzed in a customized way. If it was on a Linux box, I could do it. Pretty clueless about how to do it on a NT/windows machine…. and it seems like that’s what all the clients are 4. I guess I could set up a Linux box at home as a proxy and play through it. That’d be a good excuse to waste lots of time.

Answer 3:
Most of the software out there encrypts its data to and from the client. It isn’t as hard to encrypt everything as you might think; there are open source routines available to do it.