Rules Of Mexican Poker In Hoolywood Park Casino

At Hollywood Park Casino they had Mexican Poker. Could someone please explain what the rules are?

Answer 1:

The rules are:
Everyone antes. Then, most of the people at the table give their money to John Hartzell. After that, John leaves and goes to the Bike. There, the pattern is repeated. No seriously…it’s 5-card stud. There’s a joker. The deck is stripped of 8s, 9s, and tens. Straights beat flushes (7J are connectors). You get a card up and a card down. On each round, you can choose to receive your new card up, or to expose your hole card and receive your card down. If the joker is dealt to you down, it’s wild. If it’s dealt up, it’s a bug. (Ace or completes a straight or flush).

Answer 2:

I ran into him a couple of times during the Bike’s MSOP event, and played some live no-limit with him at the Bike a couple weeks ago. And he came to our RGP home game this past Saturday. So yeah, he’s around.

Answer 3:

You’re not allowed to throw your chips over the betting line. They have to sneak past.